Our Coffee Culture is Cellular

STEM™ is a cellular agriculture solution to produce coffee from cell lines derived from coffee.

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Beyond being 100% coffee at a genetic level, it must taste and evoke the same emotion as any coffee lover feels when they enjoy a good cup.

To achieve this, STEM™ has perfected natural flavour engineering techniques using 100% coffee by-products (used grounds, coffee cherry pulp… ) under a harmonious upcycling loop.

STEM™ will be available across a range of sustainable consumption methods as we perfect our unique hardware to deliver coffee lovers ultimate freshness at home (Watch this space).

At STEM™ we believe it is our duty to provide the world with an alternative means of coffee production which will result in sustainable and future-proof coffee for centuries to come.

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Science has untapped potential to fundamentally shift how we farm and produce coffee for an ever-growing consumer base with finite resources.

Through harnessing cellular agriculture (CellAg), STEM™ will serve as a partner to producers, farming their genetic material via sophisticated cell culture and perfecting the flavour profile via proprietary flavour engineering techniques, derived purely from coffee by-products.

The impact of this new approach is vast.

By providing a CellAg solution, we will have the liberty of growing coffee where it makes sense and according to practices that benefit their local ecosystems. An alternate and efficient means of production will remove the need to optimize traditional production volumes, typically obtained through monoculture and intensive farming practices.

Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is one of the many advantages foreseen via our technology as we dramatically reduce the inputs and energy use.

STEM™ will contribute to a paradigm shift whereby farmers and landowners serve as custodians, protecting the biodiversity which supplies us with the organic source material.

Naturally, our partnership with coffee farmers will see STEM™ distribute a royalty to reinvest back into the biodiversity that is the source of all life. By creating a passive income stream in addition to their existing income, farmers and landowners are rewarded for preserving species, genetic material and the ecosystems that maintain them.

With technology continually evolving, STEM™ will bring you on a journey of scientific and sensory discovery.

STEM Technology 2.0

We begin the journey with undifferentiated coffee cell materials from selected varieties, propagate them in a liquid suspension using a plant growth media before proceeding to upscale the culture in a bioreactor through a fermentation process.

To bring added complexity to the cup, STEM™ has perfected natural flavour engineering techniques sourced exclusively from coffee by-products. As such, we can enhance the sensory experience through extracting various precursors from different parts of the coffee cherry and spent grounds.

The result? A green coffee powder which, just like beans, is then dried and roasted.

The roasted coffee powder is now ready to be extracted across an array of popular methods.

Our technology is guided by science and our mission to give back to the coffee community. As such, we will undertake this journey in close consultation and collaboration with our producer partners.

Finally, technological disruption and changes to consumer paradigms depend upon us gaining your trust and support. We will do everything in our power to remain loyal and transparent with you, our future STEM™ community.

Our Team

Prof. Dr. Chahan Yeretzian


Henri Kunz

Chairman — Founder

Dr. Sundar Pattabiraman

President — CTO

Tom Clark

CMO — Founder

Johan van Royen


STEM™ is first and foremost a team of coffee lovers, passionate about the industry and stakeholders, all too aware of the need for a game-changing technology that is cellular agriculture to form part of the solution such that we can enjoy coffee for centuries to come.

We are a team of leading coffee chemists, stem cell biologists, biotech and specialty coffee entrepreneurs. Each of us brings our own unique set of skills to fulfilling our common mission.

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